“Every one soon or late comes round by Rome.”
- Robert Browning



Welcome to SCO in Rome! – a little piece of Hofstra nestled in the heart of the Eternal City!

So the summer of 2012 we successfully (and then some!) completed the first-ever School of Communication (SCO) study abroad program.  I can’t begin to describe how well it went and how much everyone learned, enjoyed, and experienced!  Our 12 intrepid inaugural participants had the time of their lives (their words, not mine!) and you’ll get a little sense of it from the pictures and accolades on the website.

Our website also presents plenty of information about the 2014 program, and I encourage you to explore all that it offers.  Also check out our Facebook page, our Twitter feed from the summer, and the wonderful SCO in Rome! blog as well as six individual blogs the students made as part of this summer’s program.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or for further information.

Buon giorno!

Randy (Program Director)